SLOKAS 541 TO 550

kama¢°Ýkamã¢p    s|àrÏyEkcraE    m¤¢n:    ,
ÞvaÏmnWv    sda    t¤¾:    Þvy|svaIÏmna    ¢ÞTt:    .   541   .  
kama¢°Ýkamã¢p   he who eats what he wants and he who takes forms as he likes
s|àrÏyEkcraE   living alone, wanders
m¤¢n:   the sage
ÞvaÏmnWv   with his own self
sda   always
t¤¾:   satisfied
Þvy|svaIÏmna   being the very embodiment of desirelessness
¢ÞTt:   and himself present as the All!

541. He wanders in the world, living in all, thoughtful, alone, always content  in   the Self, and free from all  desire.
Àv¢cÓm¥FaE    ¢v¹an¯    Àv¢cd¢p    mharaj¢vBv:  
Àv¢cdqB#aÓt:    saWØy:    Àv¢cdjgracark¢lt:    ,
Àv¢cÏpaæO£B¥t:   Àv¢cdvmt:   ÀvaÔya¢v¢dtàrÏyEv|
p#aåOa: sttprmanÓds¤¢Kt:    .   542   .  
Àv¢cÓm¥FaE   sometimes as a fool
¢v¹an¯   as a sage
Àv¢cd¢p   sometimes
mharaj¢vBv:   sometimes possessed of regal splendour
Àv¢cdqB#aÓt:   sometimes wandering
saWØy:   sometimes wearing a benignant expression
Àv¢cdjgracark¢lt:   sometimes behaving like a motionless python
Àv¢cÏpaæO£B¥t:    sometimes honoured
Àv¢cdvmt:   sometimes insulted
ÀvaÔya¢v¢dt   sometimes unknown
àrÏyEv|   thus lives
p#aåOa:   man of realization
sttprmanÓds¤¢Kt:   ever happy with Supreme Bliss.
542. He  appears  differently at different times,  like  a  king, a fool, a  wise  man,a person of mesmeric power,  respected, derided, -- but all times in a state of bliss.
¢nDInaE{¢p    sda    t¤¾aE{ÔyshayaE    mhabl:    ,
¢nÏyt¦çOaE{ÔyB¤¸anaE{Ôysm:    smdSIn:    .   543   .  
¢nDInaE{¢p   though without riches,yet
sda   always
t¤¾aE{ÔyshayaE   though helpless,yet very
mhabl:   powerful
¢nÏyt¦çOaE{ÔyB¤¸anaE{Ôysm:    though not enjoying the senseobjects,yet eternally satisfied
smdSIn:   though without an exemplar,yet looking upon all with aneye of equality

A¢p    k[vI°k[vaINàaBaE³a    PlBaEÂy¢p    ,
Sr£yIÔySr£y©Ix    p¢r¢ÅC°aE{¢p    svIg:    .   544   .  
A¢p   though
k[vI°k[vaINàaBaE³a   doing, yet inactive;though experiencing
PlBaEÂy¢p   fruits of past actions
Sr£yIÔySr£y©Ix   yet untouched by them
p¢r¢ÅC°aE{¢p   though possessed of a body, yet without identification with it
svIg:   though limited,yet omnipresent is He.

ASr£r|    sda    sÓt¢mm|    b#'¢vd|    Àv¢ct¯    ,
¢p#ya¢p#yE    n    Þp¦StÞtTWv    c    S¤BaS¤BE    ,   545   ,  
ASr£r|   who lives without the bodyidea
sda   always
sÓt¢mm|   this knower
b#'¢vd|   of Brahman
Àv¢ct¯   neither
¢p#yap#yE   pleasure nor pain
n   Þp¦StÞtTWv   c   ever touches
S¤BaS¤BE   nor good nor evil
543-44-45. With no wealth, yet content, helpless yet full of power, seeing equality everywhere, acting yet doing nothing, reaping the results of actions without enjoyment, living in but not identifying with the body, the knower of Brahman is unaffected by pleasure or  pain, good  or  evil.
s¤K|    c    Ѥ:K|    c    S¤BaS¤BE    c    ,
¢vÒvÞtbÓDÞy    sdaÏmnaE    m¤nE:
k[t:    S¤B|    va{ÔyS¤B|    Pl|    va    .   546   .  
ÞT¥la¢dsØbÓDvtaE{¢Bma¢nn:    affects only him who has connections with the grossbody etc.
s¤K|   c   pleasure
Ѥ:K|   c   or pain
S¤BaS¤BE  c   or good or evil
¢vÒvÞtbÓDÞy   shattered his bondage
sdaÏmnaE   who has identified himself with the Reality
m¤nE:   the sage
k[t:   S¤B|   how can good
va{ÔyS¤B|   or evil
Pl|   va   or their effects.
546. Having broken all connections with the body, and identified  with the  Self,    where  can there  be good, evil, or  other  results  for  him?  
tmsa    g#Þtvëanadg#ÞtaE{¢p    r¢vjInW:    ,
g#Þt    iÏy¤ÅytE    B#aÓÏya    /åOaÏva    vÞt¤lXNm¯    .   547   .
tmsa   by Rahu
g#Þtvëanadg#ÞtaE{¢p   which appears to be,but is not actually,swallowed
r¢vjInW:   the sun,by people
g#Þt   swallowed
iÏy¤ÅytE   is said to be
B#aÓÏya   on account of delution
/åOaÏva   not knowing
vÞt¤lXNm¯   the real nature of the sun.
547. The  ignorant  say  thedragon  has  swallowed  the Sun, when the earth's shadow eclipses it.  
t¹êEha¢dbÓDE×yaE    ¢vm¤³|    b#'¢väOmm¯    ,
pÜy¢Ót    dE¢hvÓm¥Fa:    Sr£raBasdSInat¯    .   548   .  
t¹êEha¢dbÓDE×yaE   similarly, of bondages of the body etc
¢vm¤³|   wholly rid
b#'¢väOmm¯   the perfect knower of Brahman
pÜy¢Ót   look upon
dE¢hvÓm¥Fa:   ignorant people
Sr£raBasdSInat¯   as possessed of the body, seeing but an appearance of it.
548. Likewise, the  fool mistakes the knower  of  Brahman  for  his body,    though  the latter  is  free  from  the  bondages of  the body.
A¢h¢nIl¯rqvyn£|    vay|    m¤?va    dEh|       ¢t¿¢t    ,
itÞttàaÚymanaE    y¢Ïk¢·t¯p#aNvay¤na    .   549   .  
A¢h¢nIl¯rqvyn£|   like the snake its slough
vay|   this
m¤?va   discarding
dEh|    the body
¢t¿¢t   he rests
itÞttàaÚymanaE   and the body is moved hither and thither
y¢Ïk¢·t¯p#aNvay¤na    by the force of the Prana, just as it listeth

549. He  remains  with  the  body like the skin  shed bby the snake, but moves due to the force of the Prana.
*aEtsa    n£ytE    daã    yTa    ¢nØnaE°tÞTlm¯    ,
dWvEn    n£ytE    dEhaE    yTakalaEpB¤¢³x¤:    .   550   .
*aEtsa   by the current
n£ytE   is borne
daã   as a piece of wood
yTa   so is
¢nØnaE°tÞTlm¯   to a high or a low ground
dWvEn   by the momentum of past actions
n£ytE   carried
dEhaE   the body
yTakalaEpB¤¢³x¤:   as these present themselves in due course
550. The body of  the  knower  of  Brahman  is  led  by  the  will  of  the  Lord to experience what comes his way, according to  his past  actions, as a log of wood is carried by the water currents in high or low places.