SLOKAS 571 TO 580

bÓD·    maEX·    m¦xWv    m¥Fa
      b¤Ñ¯DEg¤IN|    vÞt¤¢n    kÚpy¢Ót    ,
ègav¦¢t|    mEGk]ta|    yTa    rvaW
      ytE{¹ya{sÄñ¢cdEtdXrm¯    .   571   .  
bÓD·   bondage
maEX·   and liberation
m¦xWv   falsely
m¥Fa   ignorant people
b¤Ñ¯DEg¤IN|   are attributes of Buddhi
vÞt¤¢n   on the Reality
kÚpy¢Ót   superimpose
ègav¦¢t|   covering of the eyes
mEGk]ta|   by a cloud
yTa   as the
rvaW   is transferred to the sun
ytE{¹ya{sÄñ¢cdEtdXrm¯    for this Immutable Brahman is Knowledge Absolute,the One without a second, and unattached
571. Fools attribute to the Atman bondage  and liberation  which are  false   qualities  of  the  intellect.    This is just as  we  impute  to  the  sun  the covering   of  the  eyes  by  the  clouds.  
AÞt£¢t    p#ÏyyaE          naÞt£¢t    vÞt¤¢n    ,
b¤ÑGErEv    g¤NavEtaW    n       ¢nÏyÞy    vÞt¤n:    .   572   .  
AÞt£¢t   that bondage and liberation exists
p#ÏyyaE   the idea
  it does
  naÞt£¢t   and it does not
vÞt¤¢n   with reference to the Reality
b¤ÑGErEv   of the Buddhi
g¤NavEtaW   both attributes
n   ¢nÏyÞy    and never belong to the Eternal Reality
vÞt¤n:   Brahman
572. Qualities like "This  exists" or "This  does  not  exist" pertain to the   intellect, and  do  not  exist  in  the Atman, which  is beyond  both.  
AtÞtaW    mayya    ²¦çOaW    bÓDmaEXaW    n    caÏm¢n    ,
¢nÝklE    ¢n¢Ý@yE    SaÓtE    ¢nrvïE    ¢nr¸nE    ,
A¢¹t£yE    prE    tt¯ÏvE    ÛyaEmvÏkÚpna    k[t:    .   573   .  
AtÞtaW   hence
mayya   by Maya
²¦çOaW   are created
bÓDmaEXaW   this bondage and liberation
n   caÏm¢n   and are not in the Atman
¢nÝklE   which is without parts
¢n¢Ý@yE   without activity
SaÓtE   calm
¢nrvïE   unimpeachable
¢nr¸nE   taintless
A¢¹t£yE   and One without a second
prE   tt¯ÏvE   to the Supreme Truth
ÛyaEmvÏkÚpna   as there can be none with regard to the infinite sky
k[t:   how can there be any idea?

573. Bondage  and  freedom exist in  Maya, not  in  the pure, free and spotless   Atman.  There can  be  no imagination  in  Him  who  is  non-dual,  supreme, and   universal   like   the   sky.
n    ¢nraEDaE    n    caEÏp¢äOnI    bÑGaE    n    c    saDk:    ,
n    m¤m¤X¤nI    vWm¤³    iÏyExa    prmaTIta    .   574   .  
n   ¢nraEDaE   neither death
n   caEÏp¢äOnI   nor birth
bÑGaE   neither a bound
n   c  saDk:   nor a struggling soul
n   m¤m¤X¤nI   neither a seeker after liberation
vWm¤³   nor a liberated one
iÏyExa   this is the
prmaTIta   ultimate truth.
574. Birth, death, bondage  and aspirations, bondage and liberation, do not exist in   Truth.  
pr¢mdm¢tg¤/|    d¢SIt|    tE    myaï    ,
Apgtk¢ldaEx|    kam¢nm¤I³b¤¢ÑG|
Þvs¤tvdsk]t¯Ïva|    Bav¢yÏva    m¤m¤Xm¯    .   575   .  
skl¢ngmc¥faÞvaÓt¢sÑGaÓtãp|    which is the inmost purport of all Vedanta, the crest of the Vedas
pr¢mdm¢tg¤/|   this excellent and profound secret
d¢SIt|   revealed
tE   to you
myaï   by me, now
Apgtk¢ldaEx|   purged of the taints of this Dark Age
kam¢nm¤I³b¤¢ÑG|    and of a mind free from desires
Þvs¤tvdsk]t¯Ïva|   as to one's own son
Bav¢yÏva   considering this
m¤m¤Xm¯   an aspirant after liberation.

575. I  have  shown  you  today  the  secret of  the highest affirmation of the   scriptures  and  the ersults of  my  own  realization. You,  too, in turn must  pass    these  tachings to one who  desires liberation, and  has fulfilled  all  his  duties, is   bereft  of  defects  and  whose mind  is  free  from  desire.  
i¢t    ½¤Ïva    g¤raEvaIÀy|    p#½yEN    k]tan¢t:    ,
s    tEn    smn¤åOataE    yyaW    ¢nm¤I³bÓDn:    .   576   .
i¢t   these
½¤Ïva   hearing
g¤raEvaIÀy|   words of the Guru
p#½yEN   of reverence
k]tan¢t:   prostrated himself before him
s   tEn   he, by Guru
smn¤åOataE   and with his permission went
yyaW   his way
¢nm¤I³bÓDn:   freed from bondage.
576. Bowing  to  the  teacher, the pupil took his  permission  and  blessing, and   departed,  free  from  all  bondage.  
g¤ârEv    sdanÓd¢sÓDaW    ¢nmIg"mans:    ,
pavyÓvs¤Da|    svaI|    ¢vccar    ¢nrÓtr:    .   577   .  
g¤ârEv   and the Guru
sdanÓd¢sÓDaW   in the ocean of Exisience and Bliss Absolute
¢nmIg"mans:   with his mind steeped
pavyÓvs¤Da|   verily purifying the world
svaI|   whole
¢vccar   roamed
¢nrÓtr:   all differentiating ideas banished from his mind.
577. The  teacher too, his  mind  merged  in  the ocean  of  bliss, deaprted in   order  to  purify  the  world.
iÏyacayIÞy    ¢SÝyÞy    s|vadEnaÏmlXNm¯    ,
¢nã¢pt|    m¤m¤X¥Na|    s¤KbaEDaEppäOyE    .   578   .
iÏyacayIÞy   between the Teacher
¢SÝyÞy   and the disciple
s|vadEnaÏmlXNm¯   of a dialogue, has the nature of the Atman
¢nã¢pt|   been ascertained
m¤m¤X¥Na|   of seekers after liberation
s¤KbaEDaEppäOyE   for the easy comprehension
578. Thus  is established  the  realization  of  the  Atman, presented as a dialogue   between  teacher and pupil, for  the benefit of  those desiring  such liberation.  The teaching  is  God-like.     
¢v¢ht¢nrÞtsmÞt¢cäOdaExa:    ,
Bvs¤K¢vrta:    p#SaÓt¢cäOa:
½¤¢tr¢ska    ytyaE    m¤m¤XvaE    yE    .   579   .  
¢ht¢mdm¤pdESma¢d#yÓta|    appreciate this salutary teaching!
¢v¢ht¢nrÞtsmÞt¢cäOdaExa:    who have purged themselves of all taints of the mind by the observance of the prescribed methods
Bvs¤K¢vrta:   who are averse to worldly pleasures
p#SaÓt¢cäOa:   and who are of serene minds
½¤¢tr¢ska   and take a delight in Sruti
ytyaE   Sannyasins
m¤m¤XvaE   who are seekers after liberation
yE   those
579. May  those  who  have  purified their  hearts by  discharging their  duties,   who  have ceased  to find pleasure  in the senses, whose  minds have become  calm, who delight  in the  essence of  the scriptures, and who desire liberation, find  delight  in  this God-like teaching.    
s|sarÒv¢n    tapBan¤¢krNp#aEë¥tdahÛyTa    -
      ¢K°ana|    jlka|Xya    mâB¤¢v    B#aÓÏya    p¢rB#aØytam¯    ,
AÏyas°s¤DaØb¤¢D|    s¤Kkr|    b#'a¹y|    dSIy    -
      ÏyExa    SÄðrBart£    ¢vjytE    ¢nvaINs|da¢yn£    .   580   .
s|sarÒv¢n   in the way of the world
tapBan¤¢krNp#aEë¥tdahÛyTa    by the burning pain due to the (scorching) sunshine of threefold misery
¢K°ana|   for those who are afflicted
jlka|Xya   in search of water
mâB¤¢v   in a desert
B#aÓÏya   through delution
p¢rB#aØytam¯   and who wander
AÏyas°s¤DaØb¤¢D|    within easy reach, the soothing ocean of nectar
s¤Kkr|   getting rid of miseries and gaining happiness
b#'a¹y|   Brahman, the One without a second
dSIy   is shown
ÏyExa   this truimphant message
SÄðrBart£   of Shankara pointing out
¢vjytE   to lead them
¢nvaINs|da¢yn£   on to liberation!
580. For  those  who  are  suffering from  the  heat  of  the  sun on the  road  of   this world,  wandering  in  the desert  in  search of  water, this book  is  the   nearest ocean  of  nectar  that shows  the  non-dual  Brahman. May  this   instruction  of  Sankara, on the  way  to bliss  of  Nirvana,  be   successful.