SLOKAS 491 TO 500

d#:aEtvI[:    ktIBaI[vIB    evahm    ,
nynrtrn@yn:smaspNIbaEdama    .491.  
d#:aEtvI[:    from the seer,listener
ktIBaI[vIB    doer, and experiencer
evahm    I am different
nynrtrn@yn:smaspNIbaEdama    I am the Essence of
491. I am no longer the seer, hearer, speaker, doer, enjoyer. I am without actions, without limits, the one eternal consciousness.
nahmd|    nahmdaE{yByaErvBask|    pr|    SGm    ,
ba/aytrSy|    pNI|    b#'atymEvahm    .492.
nahmd|    I am neither this
nahmdaE{yByaErvBask|    nor that, but the Supreme,
pr|    great
SGm    pure
ba/aytrSy|    devoid of interior or exterior
pNI|    and infinite
b#'atymEvahm    I am indeed Brahman, the One
492. I am not this or that but the manifester of  both, pure, ever free  from  external or  internal. I  am  Brahman,  One  without  a  second.
npmmnadttv|    vmhmdmd    it    kpnaѥrm    ,
nyandWkrs|    sy|    b#'atymEvahm    .493.  
npmmnadttv|    matchless, the Reality that has
vmhmdmd    as thou or I, or this or that
it   kpnaѥrm    beyond such imaginations
nyandWkrs|    the Essence of Eternal Bliss
sy|    the Truth
b#'atymEvahm    I am indeed brahman, the One

493. I  am  Brahman, One without a  second, incomparable, beginningless, free from ideas of I, thou, this or that, free from doubt, ever blissful, one uniform truth.    
narayNaE{h|    nrkatkaE{h|
      pratkaE{h|    pxaE{hmS:    ,
|F I{GiFF0000G:|F ޣW{2:AKfbaEDaE{hmSExsaX
      nrraE{h|    nrh|    c    nmIm:    .494.  
narayNaE{h|    I am Narayana
nrkatkaE{h|    the slayer of Naraka
pratkaE{h|    I am the destroyer of Tripura
pxaE{hmS:    the Supreme Being, the Ruler
AKfbaEDaE{hmSExsaX    I am knowledge Absolute, the
nrraE{h|    I have no other Ruler but my
nrh|   c    I am devoid of the ideas of
nmIm:    and "Mine".
494.I  am  That, the Lord, the  Refuge  of  all, the Destroyer  of sins, the Purusha,  the Supreme, the  indivisible  consciousness, the only controller of  all,  without   ego,  or ideas  of  "me"  and  "mine".  
svIx    BtEvhmEv    s|TtaE
      Oanamna{trqbhray:    sn    ,
BaEa    c    BaEy|    vymEv    svI|
      ypT辢mdtya    pra    .495.
svIx    all
BtEvhmEv    I alone, in beings
s|TtaE    reside
Oanamna{trqbhray:    as knowledge,being their in
sn    there
BaEa   c    the experiencer
BaEy|    and all that is experienced
vymEv    I myself am
svI|    these are
ypT辢mdtya    whatever I looked upon as "this"
pra    previously.
495. I exist  as consciousness  in all creatures, the  Self, the  refuge  of  the   external  and the internal, the enjoyer and the enjoyable. I  am all that I saw as  separate before.  
myKfsKaBaEDaW    bh^Da    vvcy:    ,
uptE    vlytE    mayamatvB#mat    .496.  
myKfsKaBaEDaW    in me,the ocean of Infinite
bh^Da    different kinds of
vvcy:    the waves of the universe
uptE    are created
vlytE    and destroyed
mayamatvB#mat    by the playing of the wind

496.The wind  of  Maya it is  that creates these waves  of  the  world in  me   through  ignorance, but they  now dissolve  in the one indivisible  ocean of    consciousness.
TladBava    my    kpta    B#madaraEptanP[rNEn    laEkW:    ,
kalE    yTa    kpkvtSrayNvadIy    nklnvIkpE    .497.
TladBava    such ideas as gross (or subtle)
my    in me
kpta    imagined
B#ma    are erroneously
daraEptanP[rNEn    through the manifestation of
laEkW:    by people
kalE    in time
yTa    just as
kpkvtSray    in the indivisible and absolute time, abs
NvadIy    seasons etc.,
nklnvIkpE    are imagined.
497. People  in  ignorance  impute  to  me the three  different   states, gross  or   subtle, just as they  impute  to  Eternity   cycles,  years,  months, weeks,  days,  etc. But  Eternity  is indivisible and unchanged.  
AaraEpt|    nayѥxk|    BvEt
      kdap    mFWrtdaExѥxtW:    ,
narqd#kraEyxr    BmBag|
      mrckavarmhap#vah:    .498.  
AaraEpt|    is superimposed
nayѥxk|    taint the substratum
BvEt    can not
kdap    never
mFWrtdaExѥxtW:    by the grossly ignorant fools
narqd#kraEyxr    never wets the desert
BmBag|    tracts
mrckavarmhap#vah:    the great rush of waters observed
498. Imputation does not change a  substance. The mirage does not make the desert wet. So such talk is in vain.        
AakaSvlEpvѥrgaE{hmadyvayvlXNaE{hm    ,
AhayIvyvnlaE{hmmBaEDvparvvjItaE{hm    .499..  
AakaSvlEpvѥrgaE{h    I am beyond contamina
madyvayvlXNaE{hm    , I am distinct from things
AhayIvyvnlaE{h    I am always motionless
mmBaEDvparvvjItaE{hm    I am limitless like the
499. I  am  like  the  sky  without limit, like  the  sun,  separate  from  whatever      it  manifests, immovable, a  shoreless ocean. |F I{GiFF0000G:|F ޣW{2:

n    mE    dEhEn    sbDaE    mEGEnEv    vhays:    ,
At:    k[taE    mE    tGmI    jag#tvp"sxOy:    .500.  
n    no
mE    I have
dEhEn    with the body
sbDaE    connection
mEGEnEv    with clouds
vhays:    as the sky (has no connection)
At:    so
k[taE    how can
mE    to me
tGmI    the states of
jag#tvp"sxOy:    wakefulness,dream,and profound
500. I  have  no  connection with  the  body  even as  the  sky  has none  with   the  clouds, so none of  the  attributes of  the body like its three states are  in  me.