SLOKAS 401 TO 410

kÚpaNIv    ivatyÓtp¢rp¥N©IkvÞt¤¢n    ,
¢n¢vIkarE    ¢nrakarE    ¢n¢vISExE    ¢Bda    k[t:    .401.  
kÚpaNIv   like the ocean after the dissolution of the universe
ivatyÓtp¢rp¥N©IkvÞt¤¢n    in the One Entity which is
¢n¢vIkarE   changeless
¢nrakarE   formless
¢n¢vISExE   and Absolute
¢Bda   there be any diversity
k[t:   when can
401.As  in  a flood  nothing is to be  seen  but  one  sheet  of water,  so too,  in a    changeless,  formless Atman, what else  can be seen?  
tEjs£v    tmaE    yæO    p#l£n|    B#a¢ÓtkarNm¯    ,
A¢¹t£yE    prE    tt¯ÏvE    ¢n¢vISExE    ¢Bda    k[t:    .402.  
tEjs£v   in light
tmaE   like darkness
yæO   where
p#l£n|   is dissolved
B#a¢ÓtkarNm¯   the root cause of ignorance
A¢¹t£yE   the One without a second
prE   tt¯ÏvE   in the Supreme Reality
¢n¢vISExE   the Absolute
¢Bda   there be any diversity
k[t:   when can
402. As light  dispels  all  darkness, and removal of  the  cause removes  error, how can there  be diversity  when all is One?    
ekaÏmkE    prE    tt¯ÏvE    BEdvataI    kT|    vsEt¯    ,
s¤x¤çOaW    s¤KmaæOaya|    BEd:    kEnavlaE¢kt:    .403.  
ekaÏmkE   is one and homhgeneous
prE   tt¯ÏvE   to the Supreme Reality
BEdvataI   the talk of diversity
kT|   how can
vsEt¯   apply
s¤x¤çOaW   of the state of profound sleep
s¤KmaæOaya|   in the unmixed bliss
BEd:   diversity
kEnavlaE¢kt:   who has ever observed?
403. No diversity is experienced in deep sleep. How can a world of diversity exist in the face of the One Supreme Supreme which is everything?
n    /¢Þt    ¢vá|    prtt¯ÏvbaEDat¯
sdaÏm¢n    b#'¢N    ¢n¢vIkÚpE    ,
kalæOyE    naÔy¢hr£¢XtaE    g¤NE
n    /Øb¤¢b|Ѥm¯rqiIgt¦¢ÝNkayam¯    .404.  
n   /¢Þt   does not exist
¢vá|   the universe
prtt¯ÏvbaEDat¯   the realization of the
sdaÏm¢n   highest truth
b#'¢N   in the Absolute Brahman
¢n¢vIkÚpE   the essence of Existence
kalæOyE   of the three states of time
naÔy¢hr£¢XtaE   is the snake ever,in the rope
g¤NE   observed
n   /Øb¤¢b|Ѥm¯rqiIgt¦¢ÝNkayam¯    nor a drop of water in the mirage
404. In the realization of Brahman, there is nothing like the world, no delusion like the rope mistaken for the snake or water in the mirage, no past, present, or future. The world when seen, is seen through ignorance.

mayamaæO¢md|    ¹Wtm¹Wt|    prmaTIt:.
i¢t    b#¥tE    ½¤¢t:    saXaÏs¤x¤çOavn¤B¥ytE    .405.  
mayamaæO¢md|   is but a delution
¹Wtm¹Wt|   this dualistic universe
prmaTIt:   from the standpoint of absolute Truth
i¢t   b#¥tE   declare that
½¤¢t:   the Srutis
saXaÏs¤x¤çOavn¤B¥ytE    this is also experienced in the state of dreamless sleep
405. The world is a delusion, the substance of Maya. But it is all the One Reality and the scriptures affirm this.The world is not seen in susupti and so must be  unreal.  
p¢ÎftW    rÇj¤spaIdaW    ¢vkÚpaE    B#a¢Ótj£vn:    .406.  
AnÓyÏvm¢D¿anadaraEÔyÞy¢nr£¢Xtm¯    that which is superimposed upon something else is observed, to be identical with the substratum
p¢ÎftW   by the wise men
rÇj¤spaIdaW   as in the case of the rope appearing as the snake
¢vkÚpaE   the apparent difference
B#a¢Ótj£vn:   depends solely on error
406. Our  delusion superimposes  the  world upon Brahman. But  the  wise  know  it has no separate   reality  but  is identical  with that one Reality.
¢cäOm¥laE    ¢vkÚpaE{y|    ¢cäOaBavE    n    kàn    ,
At¢àäO|    smaDE¢h    p#Ïyg#¥pE    praÏm¢n    .407.  
¢cäOm¥laE   has its root in the mind
¢vkÚpaE{y|   this apparent universe
¢cäOaBavE   after the mind is annihilated
n   kàn   and never persists
At¢àäO|   therefore, the mind
smaDE¢h   dissolve
p#Ïyg#¥pE   which is your inmost Essence
praÏm¢n   by concentrating it on the Supreme Self
407.Differences  take shape in the mind. In the absence of the mind, differences disappear. The mind must thus be merged into the self-evident Reality.
¢km¢p    sttbaED|    kEvlanÓdãp|
¢nâpmm¢tvEl|    ¢nÏym¤³|    ¢nr£hm¯    ,
¢nrv¢DggnaB|    ¢nÝkl|    ¢n¢vIkÚp|
¶¢dkly¢t    ¢v¹an¯    b#'    p¥NI|    smaDaW    .408.  
¢km¢p   not able to say
sttbaED|   which is wide awake
kEvlanÓdãp|   of the nature of eternal Knowledge
¢nâpmm¢tvEl|   indivisible and absolute
¢nÏym¤³|   which has no models
¢nr£hm¯   absolute Bliss
¢nrv¢DggnaB|   like the limitless sky
¢nÝkl|   is ever free and without activity
¢n¢vIkÚp|   which transcends all limitations
¶¢dkly¢t   realizes in his heart
¢v¹an¯   the wise man
b#'   p¥NI|   the Infinite Brahman
smaDaW   through Samadhi
408.The realized ones know the consciousness of bliss, incomparable, limitless, changeless and endless like the sky. The  knower  sees this  Brahman  in  his    heart during samadhi.
p#k]¢t¢vk]¢tS¥Óy|    Bavnat£tBav|
smrsmsman|    mansØbÓDÑ¥rm¯.
¢ngmvcn¢sѯD|    ¢nÏymÞmt¯p#¢sѯD|
¶¢dkly¢t    ¢v¹an¯    b#'    p¥NI|    smaDaW    .409.  
p#k]¢t¢vk]¢tS¥Óy|   which is devoid of the ideas of cause and effect
Bavnat£tBav|   which is the Reality beyond all imiginations
smrsmsman|   homogeneous,matchless
mansØbÓ¯DÑ¥rm¯    beyond the range of the five senseorgans
¢ngmvcn¢sѯD|   established by the pronouncements of the Vedas
¢nÏymÞmt¯p#¢sÑG|    and ever familiar to us
¶¢dkly¢t   realizes in his heart
¢v¹an¯   the wise man
b#'   p¥NI|   the Infinite Brahman
smaDaW   through Samadhi

409.The knower  sees  such a Brahman  in  his  heart- unchanging, uniform, free from bondage as affirmed in the scriptures.  
AjrmmrmÞtaBav    vÞt¤Þvãp|
¢Þt¢mts¢llra¢Sp#ÁymaÁya¢vh£nm¯    ,
S¢mtg¤N¢vkar|    Saát|    SaÓtmEk|
¶¢d    kly¢t    ¢v¹an¯    b#'    p¥NI|    smaDaW    .410.  
AjrmmrmÞtaBav   which is undecaying and immortal
vÞt¤Þvãp|   the Positive Entity
¢Þt¢mts¢llra¢Sp#ÁymaÁya¢vh£nm¯    which resembles the placid ocean and is without a name
S¢mtg¤N¢vkar|   in which there are neither merits nor demerits
Saát|   and which is eternal
SaÓtmEk|   pacified and One
¶¢d   kly¢t   realizes in his heart
¢v¹an¯   the wise man
b#'   p¥NI|   the Infinite Brahman
smaDaW   through Samadhi
410. The knower  sees such a  Brahman  in  his heart- in which all change and motion end with no name or form or quality, quiet like a vast sheet of water without any waves.