maEXkarNsamg#ya|    B¢³rEv    gr£ys£    ,
ÞvÞvãpan¤sÓDan|    B¢³¢rÏy¢BD£ytE    ,   31   ,  
maEXkarNsamg#ya|   among things contribute toliberation
B¢³rEv   devotion (Bhakti)
gr£ys£   holds supreme place.
ÞvÞvãpan¤sÓDan|    the seeking after one's realnature
B¢³¢rÏy¢BD£ytE   is designated as Bhakti.

31.Devotion is chief among the means of liberation. Devotion lies in wholehertedly seeking to know one's true nature.  

ÞvaÏmtt¯ Ïvan¤sÓDan|    B¢³¢rÏyprE    jg¤:    ,
u³saDns|p°Þtt¯ Ïv¢jåOas¤raÏmn:    ,
ups£dEdqg¤â|    p#aåO|    yÞmadqbÓD¢vmaEXNm¯    ,   32   ,  
ÞvaÏmtÏvan¤sÓDan|    the inquiry into the truth of
B¢³¢rÏyprE   devotion by others
jg¤:   say
u³saDns|p°ÞtÏv¢jåOas¤raÏmn:    the inquirer about the truthof the Atman who ispossessedof the abovementioned meansofattainment
ups£dEdqg¤â|   should approach a wise Guru
p#aåO|   who confers
yÞmadqbÓD¢vmaEXNm¯   setting from bondage.

32.Devotion therefore lies in seeking the inner reality of one's own Atman; the qualities, qualificattions and the help of a teacher already described, help in this search.

               Hallmarks of the Guru  
½aE¢æOyaE{v¦¢jnaE{kamhtaE    yaE    b#'¢väOm:    ,
b#'Îy¤prt:    SaÓtaE    ¢n¢rÓDn    ivanl:    ,
AhEt¤kdya¢sÓD¤rqbÓD¤ranmta|    stam¯    ,   33   ,  
½aE¢æOyaE{v¦¢jnaE{kamhtaE    versed in the Vedas, sinless
yaE   who
b#'¢väOm:   knower of Brahman
b#'Îy¤prt:   has withdrawn himself intoBrahman
SaÓt:   is calm
¢n¢rÓDn:   that has consumed its fuel
ivanl:   like fire
AhEt¤kdya¢sÓD¤rqbÓD¤ranmta|    who is a boundless reservoirof mercy that knows noreason,and a friend of allgood people
stam¯   make submissive themselves before him.

33.The true teacher is he who is steeped in knowledge, and established in Brahman. He is selfless, calm and flowing with love for those who come to him  for help.
tmaraÒy    g¤â|    B?ya    p#ºp#½ysEvnW:    ,
p#s°|    tmn¤p#aÔy    p¦ÅCEÇåOatÛymaÏmn:    ,   34   ,  
tmaraÒy   worshipping that
g¤â|   Guru
B?ya   with devotion
p#ºp#½ysEvnW:   submissive,humbleness,and service
p#s°|   is pleased
tmn¤p#aÔy   approaching him
p¦ÅCEåOatÛymaÏmn:    (he) should ask him what hehas got to know
34.The pupil must approach the teacher with reverence and offer him love, devotion and service, and then alone ask him for guidance on the Atman.  
Þva¢m°mÞtE    ntlaEkbÓDaE
kaâÎy¢sÓDaE    p¢tt|    BvaÖDaW    ,
§Çv¯ya¢tkaâÎys¤Da¢Bv¦¾ya    ,   35   ,    
Þva¢m°mÞtE   O Master, I bow to thee
ntlaEkbÓDaE   O friend of those
kaâÎy¢sÓDaE   thou ocean of mercy
p¢tt|   fallen
BvaÖDaW   inti this sea of birth anddeath
mam¤¼raÏm£ykzaXè¾Åya    with a straight forward glance
§Çv¯ya¢tkaâÎys¤Da¢Bv¦¾ya    which sheds nectar-likegracesupreme

35.Bowing to the teacher, the pupil should say, `I beseech your grace and compassion  to save me from the worldly sea into which I have fallen.'

daED¥yman|    Ѥrè¾vatW:    ,
B£t|    p#p°|    p¢rpa¢h    m¦ÏyaE:
SrÎymÓyïdh|    n    janE    ,   36   ,    
ѤvaIrs|sardva¢g"tçO|    afflicted as I am by the unquenchable fire of thisworld forest
daED¥yman|   shaken violently
Ѥrè¾vatW:   by the winds of bad deedsdone in one's past lives
B£t|   terrified
p#p°|   seeking refuge in thee
p¢rpa¢h   save me
m¦ÏyaE:   from death
SrÎymÓyïdh|   for I, of any other man with whom to seek shelter
n   janE   do not know.

36.`I am driven by my past evil deeds like a wind in this world--a forest fire which no one can put out and which burns me; save me.'  
SaÓta    mhaÓtaE    ¢nvs¢Ót    sÓtaE
vsÓtvÚlaEk¢ht|    crÓt:    ,
t£NaI:    Þvy|    B£mBvaNIv|    jna

nhEt¤naÓyan¢p    taryÓt:    ,   37   ,  
SaÓta   calm
mhaÓtaE   magnanimous
¢nvs¢Ót   there are
sÓtaE   sages (good souls)
vsÓtvÚlaEk¢ht|   to others as spring does
crÓt:   who do good
t£NaI:   crossed this
Þvy|   those
B£mBvaNIv|   this dreadful ocean of birth and death
jna   people
nhEt¤naÓyan¢p   without any motive whatsoever
taryÓt:   help others also to cross thesame

37.`There are pure and great souls who have crossed the sea of life, but remain
in the world to help others to cross the sea and bring good to mankind.

Ay|    ÞvBav:    Þvt      ev    yÏpr
½mapnaEdp#vN|    mhaÏmnam¯    ,
s¤Da|S¤rEx       ÞvymkIkkIS
p#Ba¢BtçOamv¢t    ¢X¢t|    ¢kl    ,   38   ,  
Ay|   that
ÞvBav:   Þvt   ev   the very nature of their ownaccord
yÏpr   towards
½mapnaEdp#vN|   removing others troubles
mhaÏmnam¯   magnanimous people
s¤Da|S¤rEv   is the moon who
ÞvymkIkkIS   the flaming rays of the sun
p#Ba¢BtçOamv¢t   parched by
¢X¢t|   ¢kl   voluntarily saves the earth.
38.`Like the moon that cools the earth from the fierce heat of the Sun, these souls work selflessly to help others out of their distress and difficulty.'  
b#'anÓdrsan¤B¥¢tk¢ltW:    p¥tW:    s¤S£tWy¤ItW -
y¤IÝma¹a±lSaE¢ÇJtW:    ½¤¢ts¤KWvaIÀyam¦tW:    sEcy    ,
s|tçO|    BvtapdavdhnÇvala¢BrEn|    p#BaE
DÓyaÞtE    Bvd£XNXNgtE:    paæO£k]ta:    Þv£k]ta:    ,   39   ,  
b#'anÓdrsan¤B¥¢tk¢ltW:    sweetened by the enjoymentof the elixirlike blissofBrahman
p¥tW:   pure
s¤S£tWy¤ItW   cooling to a degree
y¤IÝma¹a±lSaE¢ÇJtW:    issuing in streamsfrom thy lips as from apitcher
½¤¢ts¤KWvaIÀyam¦tW:    delightful to hear, thynectarlike speech
sEcy   thou sprinkle me
s|tçO|   tormented
BvtapdavdhnÇvala¢BrEn|   by worldly afflictionsas by the tongues ofaforestfire
p#BaE   O Lord
DÓyaÞtE   blessed are
Bvd£XNXNgtE:   passing glance of thy eyelights
paæO£k]ta:   accepting them
Þv£k]ta:   as thine own.

39.`Oh! Master! Let your lips dipped in the bliss of Brahman, bestow on me sweet and soothing words.Blessed are those on whom your eyes rest for even a moment, and who accept and make your own.'

kT|    trEy|    Bv¢sÓD¤mEt|
ka    va    g¢tm©I    ktmaE{ÞÏy¤pay:    ,
janE    n    ¢k¢·Ïk]pya{v    ma|    p#BaE
s|sarѤ:KX¢tmatn¤Ýv    ,   40   ,  
kT|   how
trEy|   to cross
Bv¢sÓD¤mEt|   this ocean of phenomenal existence
ka   va  g¢tm©I    which is the way for me to go
ktmaE{ÞÏy¤pay:   what is to be my fate
janE   n   I do not know
¢k¢·Ïk]pya{v   condescend to save
ma|   me
p#BaE   O Lord
s|sarѤ:KX¢tmatn¤Ýv    and help me to put an end to thismisery of relative existence.
40.  `How should I cross this ocean of life?  What should bbe my objective? Which way should I go? Oh! Master! save me, tell me how to end this worldly misery and withhold nothing'.