SLOKAS 141 TO 150

¢DyaE    nanavÞTa|    Þvym¢Bny|Þtdqg¤Ntya    ,
AparE    s|sarE    ¢vxy¢vxp¥rE    jl¢nDaW
¢nmÇyaEÓmÇyay|    B#m¢t    k[m¢t:    k[¢Ïstg¢t:    ,   141   ,  
mhamaEhg#ahg#sng¢ltaÏmavgmnaE   having his Selfknowledge swallowed up by the shark of utter ignorance
¢DyaE   of perverted intellect
nanavÞTa|   the various states of
Þvym¢Bny|Þtdqg¤Ntya   imitates himself of the intellect(buddhi)
AparE   in this boundless
s|sarE   ocean of Samsara
¢vxy¢vxp¥rE   which is full of the poison of senseenjoyment
jl¢nDaW   in this ocean
¢nmÇyaEÓmÇyay|   now sinking,now rising
B#m¢t   gets caught
k[m¢t:   miserable fate indeed!
k[¢Ïstg¢t:   drifts up and down
141.  In the mouth of the crocodile in this shoreless ocean where the objects of the senses are its poisonous waters, the fool sinks and rises in ignorance and pain.
BaIn¤|    ¢traEDay    ¢vj¦ØBtE    yTa    ,
tTa    ¢traEDay    ¢vj¦ØBtE    Þvym¯    ,   142   ,  
Ban¤p#Bas|j¢ntaB#pH¯¢³:    as layers of clouds generated by the sun's rays
Ban¤|   the sun
¢traEDay   cover
¢vj¦ØBtE   and alone appear( in the sky)
yTa   just as
AaÏmaE¢dtah|k]¢traÏmtÏv|    egoism generated by the Self
tTa   so
¢traEDay   covers
¢vj¦ØBtE  Þvym¯   the reality of the Self and appears by itself.
142.   Just a tthe Sun creates the cloud which hides the Sun, the ego rises from the Atman and then obscures it.
kv¢lt¢dnnaTE    Ѥ¢dInE    saÓd#mEGWrq
ÛyTy¢t    ¢hmJJavay¤âg#aE    yTWtan¯    ,
A¢vrttmsaÏmÓyav¦tE    m¥Fb¤¢Ñ¯D
Xpy¢t    bh^Ѥ:KWÞt£v#¢vXEpS¢³:    ,   143   ,  
kv¢lt¢dnnaTE   when the sun is swallowed up
Ѥ¢dInE   on a cloudy day
saÓd#mEGW:   by dense clouds
ÛyTy¢t   and trouble them
¢hmJJavay¤âg#aE   violent cold blasts
yTWtan¯   so, when the
A¢vrttmsaÏmÓyav¦tE   Atman is hidden by intense ignorance
m¥Fb¤¢Ñ¯D   the foolish man
Xpy¢t   gives problems
bh^Ѥ:KWÞt£v#¢vXEpS¢³:    the dreadful ViksepaSakti (projecting power), with numerous gifts.

143. And as the darkness that comes when the Sun is obscured, the cold wind makes it worse, the fool coveed with Tamas, brings on rajas and all its attendant suffering.
eta×yamEv    S¢³×ya|    bÓD:    p¤|s:    smagt:    ,
ya×ya|    ¢vmaE¢htaE    dEh|    mÏva{Ïman|    B#mÏyym¯    ,   144   ,  
eta×yamEv   it is from these two
S¢³×ya|   powers
bÓD:   bondage
p¤|s:   to the man
smagt:   has proceeded
ya×ya|   by which
¢vmaE¢ht:   divert attention from
dEh|   mÏva{Ïman|   the body for the Self
B#mÏyym¯   and wanders (from body to body).
144.  The two forces, Tamas and Rajas cause bondage, deluding the fool that the body is the self, and cause him to wander without direction as when lost.
b£j|    s|s¦¢tB¥¢mjÞy       tmaE    dEhaÏmD£rÄð[raE
rag:    pÚlvmØb¤    kmI       vp¤:    ÞkÓDaE{sv:    Sa¢Kka:    ,
Ag#aN£¢Ód#ys|h¢tà    ¢vxya:    p¤Ýpa¢N    Ѥ:K|    Pl|
nanakmIsm¤ëv|    bh^¢vD|    BaE³aæO    j£v:    Kg:    ,   145   ,  
b£j|   is the seed
s|s¦¢tB¥¢mjÞy    of the tree of Samsara
tm:   ignorance
dEhaÏmD£rÄð[r:   the identification with the body is its sprout
rag:   the attachment
pÚlvmØb¤   its tender leaves,its water
kmI    is work
vp¤:   the body
ÞkÓDaE{sv:   its trunk
Sa¢Kka:   the vital forces its branches
Ag#aN£¢Ód#ys|h¢tà    the organs its twigs
¢vxya:   the sense-objects
p¤Ýpa¢N  Ñ¤:K|   its flowers,miseries
Pl|   its fruits
nanakmIsm¤ëv|   to diverse works are
bh^¢vD|   various
BaE³aæO   who eats all these
j£v:   the individual soul
Kg:   is the bird on it.
145.  If the world is likened to a tree, its seed is tamas, and the idea that the body is the self is the sprout; the twig is attachment, the pranas the trunk, the senses the branches and all actions the water; the flowers are the objects of the senses, the fruit is the pain. And the human soul is the bird perched on the tree eating the fruits and enduring the sufferings from different kinds of actions.
nWs¢gIkaE{na¢drnÓt    iI¢rt:    ,
p#vahpat|    jnyÏym¤Ýy    ,   146   ,  
AåOanm¥laE{ymnaÏmbÓD:   this bondage of the nonSelf springs from ignorance
nWs¢gIkaE{na¢drnÓt  iI¢rt:   is selfcaused, and is described as without beginning and end.
jÓmaÝyyÛya¢Djra¢dѤ:K    miseries such as birth, death, disease and worn out of age
p#vahpat|   the long train of
jnyÏym¤Ýy   it subjects one to
146.  Ignorance is the root of this bondage, without beginning or end, and creates birth, death, sickness and pain to the ego.
naÞæOWnI    SÞæOWr¢nlEn      v¢þna
CEäO¤|    n    SÀyaE    n    c    kmIkaE¢z¢B:    ,
¢vvEk¢våOanmha¢sna    ¢vna
Dat¤:    p#sadEn    ¢StEn    m¸¤na    ,   147   ,  
n AÞæOWI:   neither by weapons
n SÞæOW:   nor by Sastras
A¢nlEn   by air
v¢þna   by fire
CEäO¤|   this bondage
n   SÀyaE   by nothing except
n   c  kmIkaE¢z¢B:    nor by millions of acts
¢vvEk¢våOanmha¢sna   by nothing except the wonderful sword of knowledge
¢vna   without
Dat¤:   of the Lord
p#sadEn   by the grace
¢StEn   sharpened
m¸¤na   and beautiful
147.   No weapon, scripture, fire, water,or works can remove this ignorance.The sword of discrimination, whetted by the Lord's grace alone can cut it down.
½¤¢tp#maNWkmtE:    ÞvDmI
¢n¿a    tyWvaÏm¢vS¤¢Ñ¯DrÞy    ,
¢vS¤Ñ¯Db¤Ñ¯DE:    prmaÏmvEdn|
tEnWv    s|sarsm¥lnaS:    ,   148   ,  
½¤¢tp#maNWkmtE:   one who is passionately devoted to the authority of the Srutis
ÞvDmI   in his Svadharma
¢n¿a   acquires steadiness
tyWvaÏm¢vS¤¢Ñ¯DrÞy    which alone conduces to the purity of his mind.
¢vS¤Ñ¯Db¤Ñ¯DE:    the man of pure mind
prmaÏmvEdn|   realizes the Supreme Self
tEnWv   and by this alone
s|sarsm¥lnaS:   Samsara with its root is destroyed.
148.  Faith in the scriptures leads to devotion to duty, which leads to purification of the heart whence alone comes knowledge of the Supreme Self which alone can destroy the world tree of ignorance.
kaESWr°myaïW:    p·¢BraÏma    n    s|v¦taE    Ba¢t    ,
¢njS¢³sm¤Ïp°W:    SWvalpzlW¢rvaØb¤    vap£ÞTm¯    ,   149   ,  
kaESWr°myaïW:   the material one and the rest
p·¢BraÏma   by the five sheaths (coverings)
n   s|v¦taE  Ba¢t    covered
¢njS¢³sm¤Ïp°W:   which are the products of Its own power
SWvalpzlW¢rvaØb¤   by its accumulation of sedge
vap£ÞTm¯   like the water of a tank
149. The Atman never manifests as it is covered by five sheaths, just as moss covers water.
tÅCWvalapnyE    sØykq    s¢ll|    p#t£ytE    S¤Ñ¯Dm¯    ,
t¦ÝNasÓtaphr|    sï:    saWÁyp#d|    pr|    p¤|s:    ,   150   ,  
tÅCWvalapnyE   on the removal of that sedge
sØykq   the perfectly
s¢ll|   pure water
p#t£ytE   that diminishes
S¤Ñ¯Dm¯   pure
t¦ÝNasÓtaphr|   the pangs of thirst
sï:   immediately
saWÁyp#d|   gives joy
pr|   appears unobstructed
p¤|s:   before the man.
150.  Remove the moss and you see the water, and it quenches your thirst and gives you relief.